I was born in a big family of nine children. As I was the youngest, I always had love and care from parents and siblings. I was moved to many places throughout my childhood. My biggest move was 25 years ago when I came from Bangladesh to this country, the land of opportunity, as an immigrant. I started my life in NYC, studied Computer Science in college and worked in the corporate world for many years prior to becoming an entrepreneur. I learned two most valuable lessons from my loving parents - work hard and be honest. I still follow these with my heart. I am a mom of two beautiful children, settled with my husband and kids in Long Island.



I finished 18 miles race-walk in Central Park.

Raising my kids to be kind and fearless, which they are. And leaving the corporate world and become an entrepreneur.

I love spending quality time with my family, travel to places and help the community in need. I am working to build a strong business so I can have complete freedom of time and money. With that I can give my kids life experiences of traveling to other countries and learning different cultures and give back to the community.

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