I am an African American Women, who originated from the islands of Jamaica. I am also the second to last of Four, but I was raised by a single mom of two. Growing up being the youngest, I had to learn very quickly. Being a woman and having responsibilities was something I faced very early in life, but It also allowed me to realize how I didn't want to live as an adult. I become an entrepreneur at 20yrs old and never looked back. Making my first quarter million at 23 yrs old in my own business and at 25 getting into my dream career; Real Estate. I believe it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It wasn't an easy road but it definitely made me into the women I am today!



I can sing

Making my First 250k at 23yrs and being able to educate individuals on how they can do the same!

I'm excited for my growth and self development as an independent leader. Also the homes, the cars, the family trips and the memories. Most importantly my team, whom I built my dreams with and the lives of the families I've changed!

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