I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. It was my personal life experiences that inspired me to one day go in business for myself. I had earned my Bachelors of Arts Degree from The State University of New York at Albany where I studied Communications and Business. Immediately following my college education I was hired with the NYS Department of Labor August 2012; it was there I learned very quickly working for someone else, having a "9-5" would not allow me to truly fulfill my life's purpose which is helping families (mine included) to obtain real wealth. In August 2013, I started my pursuit of entrepreneurship while maintaining a full time job with the state. I knew Financial education and leadership development would allow me to help waves of people, and communities like the one I came from to break the chains of poverty. In August of 2016, I "fired my boss" to become a full time entrepreneur and have been on a full pursuit of helping families.



I have a middle name that I got legally removed when I was 11 years old because I didn't like it and felt it didn't fit me or my direction.

My greatest accomplishment is being asked to speak at my Alma Mater as the Key Note speaker for their graduating class of 2018.

I am excited that I will be in a position to fulfill every promise I've ever made to myself and everyone I love. My goal is to build an empire that will outlive me however, in the process position people to also fulfill promises that they've made to themselves and their loved ones.

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