I am a Philadelphia native with an educational background is in nursing. From the age of 12-15 I did hair and I retired from the beauty industry in the 10th grade and began my career in nursing and continued in that field until the age of 23. My passion has always been in fashion. My dream, to create a clothing line that gives people the feel and pride they have when they wear Chanel, only at a cost that wouldn't deplete their bank accounts. At 23, I became an entrepreneur and started my first business in the fashion industry.



At 10 years old I taught myself how to design clothes and began designing clothes for my aunts and older cousins.

Taking the leap of faith and opening my first business in fashion!

I am excited to continue building my Financial Firm, to wow the world with my brand, The Financial Stylist and to finally launch my clothing line! Hard work pays off and I'm excited to see the fruits of all my labors.

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