I studied medicine in my home country and became a Doctor in Dominican Republic. I have worked in Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for 15 years in the field of Public Health. My passion has always been to be a great pediatrician. When migrating to the United States, I decided to continue working with kids and their mothers.Therefore I studied to received an associates degree in child development. I am an owner of a corporation of daycares called Color4Kids Inc. for 10 years.

I am 56 years old.


An interesting fact about me is that I have five kids.

My greatest accomplishment has to be having my 5 kids and raising them in a way in which I can provide for them in all aspects of their lives.

In the future I would like to reach the population of mothers that don't have resources and knowledge on how to create a better future for their children. My passion has always been to work with children therefore I am excited because at the same time I get to help my own kids and family with their future.

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