I am the daughter of two amazing parents who came to America from the Philippines for a better way of life. Born and raised in New York City, I grew up with so many dreams and aspirations. In our home, my parents always instilled discipline, respect, and gratitude into me. Their love and hard work are the reasons why I have become the woman I am today. What I am, they helped me to be. I received my bachelor's degree in business and years later wanted to live a life of service which led me to nursing. New goals continue to arise. I know never to set limitations for myself. Everyday, I am growing. I stay true to myself, yet always open to learn.



I love to RUN!

Every year, I make it a habit to accomplish something new from my vision board. Some of the latest ones are marrying the love of my life, purchasing our first home, having an office on Wall Street, and traveling the world.

There's so much excitement I feel for the future. I see myself opening new offices in my business and building big. I plan to continue helping and educating families while also making sure I have self-care. My husband and I are looking forward to having a family soon. My ultimate goal is to build a clinic in the Philippines which will provide advanced diagnostics, treatments, and overall long term healthcare. I am so appreciative and thankful to those that have supported me and stood by my side throughout my entire life. You never know where you'll be or where you stand tomorrow, next year, or the future. I am happy to know that these individuals will continue to lift me up, praise, and push me to the next level.

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