I was born in Queens, NY, the second oldest in a family of 5. My father, Vincent, is a nationally recognized sales trainer and tells his story of going from a drug addict to millionaire in his book, The Spirituality of Success. After graduating from NYU with a degree in Acting, I was convinced to learn to sell and learn how to build startup sales teams in exchange for free rent. I built my team from $0 to over $40M in annual recurring revenue, well over $100M in less than five years. I now consider myself a "NextGen Sales Trainer" taking what I learned from my father about Success and Sales and turning it into a duplicatable process called The Sales Launch Code. My passion is teaching people how to sell who had the same resistance and skepticism I did, so they can break the glass ceiling and launch their dreams.



I'm a competitive black belt in karate and I write swing-hip hop music under Jessica Paige & The Upstairs Band

Jessica was recently named Top 50 Women of 2019 by Top100 Magazine. Watch for her in the Spring Issue!

I am most excited to watch my children grow. I'm happy to know that I've created a business where I'll never regret staying at the office too late or being out of town and away from them for business. All women have different life and business goals, and I'm grateful for the amazing teachers that pushed me to learn to sell which allowed me the freedom to create the present and the future that matches my priorities. As for the business, nothing thrills me more than watching my students close sales, especially their first one! I work with a variety of startup businesses and established businesses, but the clients I choose to work with all have one thing in common, they are passionate about what they are selling and are, even in a small way, making the world a better place. By teaching them the skill of selling, I get to watch their company grow, and I know I'm putting my genius to work in the best way possible, by helping other people reach their most deeply desired dreams.

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