Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, but, my second home was Bridgeport, Connecticut and Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I spent summers with family. I always had a passion for dance, public speaking and technology from an early age in elementary school. My professional background is in Information Technology and finance; served as a support analyst for various equity trading desks across New York City, including Cantor Fitzgerald, for 15+ years. My true passion during my spare time has always been event planning. I began as wait staff on weekend catering jobs, to becoming the wedding coordinator in the early 90’s at The Lab. The largest black-owned catering hall and entertainment space in Brooklyn, New York. In 2010, Memorable Creations by Felicia was created.



No matter what age, I will dance all night!

I was born a preemie at two pounds and survived to still be here fighting to change the world.

I look forward to encouraging young people, especially women of color, to seek careers in STEAM and to pursue their dreams and passions no matter what. I also encourage my daughters all the time by saying, "I am raising leaders, not followers". My goals are to open an office of women financial educators in Brooklyn and to have Heels and Higher Achievement TM, to be nationwide. My excitement for the future lies in the belief that my faith and life are the products of my mother and all the phenomenal women in her sister circle that taught me: “Remember to look back, so you can always appreciate your moving forward! God is not finished with me yet!

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