I was born in Grenada, West Indies. I came to this Country at the age of 13 with my mom and younger sister. Attended Brooklyn College with the intention of getting into the medical field but chemistry kicked my butt and I quickly realized that I had an affinity for business and people, so I changed my major to Business Management and Finance. I have always worked in various areas of finance and real estate helping students get into college or helping people purchase homes. I was always intrigued by how money works and being able to harness it's power to achieve your goals and dreams as well as sharing my knowledge,educating others.



I love singing but cannot. Interestingly both my husband and daughter are really good.

My greatest accomplishment is having a career that allows me the flexibility to be a full-time mom, work with my husband, all the while impacting and changing the lives of people in my community.

I am excited that as my family and my business continues to expand, I am able to share the experience with my friends and family in the business, who are on the same path. Looking forward I see limitless possibilities as the universe aligns to achieve my goals.

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